Administration Contacts









Director of Administration: Colleen Tinline 604-822-7313 email:

  • Oversees all administrative operations
  • Manages strategic initiatives
  • Budgets, financial commitments
  • Administrative representation for  Department (internal and external units)
  • Department resource management
  • Faculty recruitment
  • Faculty merit and PSA
  • Faculty leaves

Administrative Coordinator: Corinne Carpenter 604-822-7310 email:

  • Head’s office administration
  • Institute of Mental Health Administration
  • Department Communications
  • Department Events
  • Website Updating
  • Email lists

Information Technology Support: 604-827-5695

Computer and Communications Systems Manager: Colin Bryant 604 822-7374  email:

IT Service Coordinator: Allan Kwan 604 827-5695

Personnel and Business Operations Manager: Vicky Yau 604-822-7315 email:

  • Responsible for all Department HR activities, business operations and operational planning
  • Staff recruitment
  • Performance management
  • Staff merit
  • Royal College Academic Certification
  • Research  Grant / Salary application review for the Head’s signature
  • Health and Safety
  • Facilities

Assistant HR Manager, Faculty Appointments : Margaret Koshi  604-822-2142 email:

  • Full-time Faculty appointments,  reappointment’s, promotions and tenure
  • Clinical Faculty appointments,  reappointment’s,  and promotions
  • Clinical Faculty work permits
  • Other Faculty appointments requiring committee review
  • Inquiries and orientation (setting up CWL,email, etc) for faculty appointments

HR Assistant: Amity Chiang 604-822-7610 email:

  • Staff and student appointments, enquiries and orientation (CWL, emails, etc.)
  • Staff leave management
  • Hourly  payroll
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Associates ad Clinical Fellow appointments, enquiries and orientation (CWL, email, etc)
  • Immigration offer letters for Postdoctoral Felllows and Clinical Fellows
  • Honorary and visitor appointments
  • Volunteers
  • Criminal record checks

Finance Manager: Minoo Moharrer CPA CMA 604 822 7734 email:

  • Financial policies and procedures (UBC, Faculty of Medicine & Department)
  • Financial probelm resoultion and support
  • Project Grand set up (Research grants and Non -Research grants)
  • FMS access & signing authority
  • Purchasing
  • General finance questions or concerns
  • General finance support (review of funding for hires, reconciliation processes, etc)
  • Purchase card coordinator
  • Financial processing oversight

Finance & Admin Assistant: Helen Yau 604-822-7314 email:

  • Financial Processing
  • Reception assistance
  • Room bookings
  • Key requests
  • Supplies and vendor contact
  • Assists with facilities and health and safety

Senior Education Programs Manager: Shilpa Samji 604-875-4111 local 68102  email:

  • Responsible for the operational management of the Department’s Education Programs (UGE, PGE and SSP Programs)
  • Provides Senior level operational oversight for the PGE Program
  • Responsible for the implementation and evaluation of new initiatives in the Education Programs
  • Manages a variety of ongoing, annual and one-time projects and activities within the Department’s Education Programs

Postgraduate Program Manager:  Luiza Shamkulova 604-875-4111, ext. 68092 email: Program Manager

  • Manages day to day operations, planning and coordination of PGE Program
  • Acts as information resource regarding program related issues

Educational Technologist: Julia Lew 604 822 7347 email:

  • Responsible for the implementation and on-going development of Psychiatry courses for the Vancouver Summer Program
  • Develops curriculum, exams, teaching materials for instructor use; develops and prepares program assessment and evaluation tools, in consultation with faculty
  • Facilitates the development of new credit courses and programs for the department.

Undergraduate Program Assistant (Years 3): Hajir Adl Golchin 604-875-4111 ext. 68108 email:

  • Provides administrative support to the Undergraduate Education Program for Year 3
  • Coordinates and tracks student rotations, seminars, evaluations, attendance, distributes teaching and orientation materials
  • Prepares and submits payment tracking sheets for clinical and didactic teaching for Year 3
  • Collects and reviews student evaluations after completion of every psychiatry rotation
  • Coordinates workshops, special events including catering, room bookings, agendas, etc.

Education Program Assistant: Linda Chang 604 875-4111 ext. 68098


  • Provides administrative support to the Undergraduate Education Program for Year 4
  • Coordinates and tracks rotations, seminars, evaluations, attendance, distributes teaching and orientation materials for Year 4 students and for Subspecialty residents.
  • Prepares and submits payment tracking sheets for clinical teaching for Year 4 electives.
  • Provides support, planning, and coordination to PGE Subspecialty Residency Programs (Forensic, Geriatric, and Child Psychiatry)
  • Coordinates academic day, workshops, special events including catering, room bookings, agendas, etc.

Postgraduate Program Assistant: Roshanak Ghannadan 604-875-4111, ext. 68372 email: Program Assistant

  • Organizes academic day seminars for PGY1-5 at various locations (Vancouver, Victoria and Prince George)
  • Coordinates collection, distribution and posting of academic day materials and manages academic day evaluations
  • Manages Vancouver resident vacations/leaves and tracks academic day attendance

Fraser Postgraduate Program Assistant: Rosalia Monagas 604-520-4253, ext, 523901 email: Fraser Program Assistant

  •  Provides administrative support to the Fraser Assistant Program Director
  • Acts as a point of contact and resource for the Fraser Program and answers program-related questions
  • Manages Fraser resident rotations, vacations/leaves and evaluations