Generic FASmail Accounts

Need a common e-mail address for your UBC Psychiatry program or research project?  FASmail Generic accounts can be setup for your UBC Psychiatry program and research projects, at no cost.  They can only be accessed by one or more specified FASmail User account holders.
Please contact the department’s Admin Assistant to have a FASmail Generic account created.

Connecting with Outlook Web App (OWA/webmail)

This is the preferred method, because sent e-mail will show up in the Generic account, rather than in your individual User account.  Click here, for instructions.  Please note that there are two methods available in the instructions.

Connecting through Outlook 2010 (simple)

This method is not preferred, because;

  • E-mail sent from the Generic account will only show in your individual User account’s Sent folder.  This will make it difficult for anybody else who uses the Generic account, to see what e-mail has been sent.
  • You can only see the Inbox, not any sub-inboxes.
  • You can only see one component (e.g. calendar or task list) at a time

In Outlook, select File – Open –Other User’s Folder, enter the Generic account name (e.g. and select the component that you want to access.

Adding a Generic account to Outlook 2010

  • If you would like to keep your FASmail User account data completely separate from a FASmail Generic mailbox, you may prefer to create an Outlook profile (please contact IT for instructions) for the Generic mailbox. When you open Outlook 2010, you will be prompted to select a profile to use. It is recommended that you create a separate profile for the Generic mailbox if you plan to use the Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Word to send email.
  • When sending e-mail from the Generic e-mail address, any reply will be sent to your FASmail User address, unless you change the From field, before you click Send, each time
  • You will also need to move the sent Generic e-mail, from your FASmail User account’s Sent folder, to the FASmail Generic account’s sent folder, each time.

These instructions assume that you have already setup a FASmail User account in Outlook 2010.

  1. In Outlook 2010, select the File tab, Info and click on Account Settings and select Account Settings…
  2. Double-click your FASmail User account

    Double click your account name or alias.

    Double click your account name or alias.

  3. Click the More Settings… button.
  4. Select the Advanced tab and click the Add… button.

    Click "Advanced", then "Add".

    Click “Advanced”, then “Add”.

  5. Type in the name of the shared mailbox and click OK. In this example, we are wanting to access a Generic mailbox named itac-software-team. You will enter the name of the mailbox that you want to access. Click OK again to close the Exchange server window.

    Contact the e-mail account manager, in the administration office, if you don't know "name"

    Contact the e-mail account clerk, in the administration office, if you don’t know “name”

  6. You’ll be returned to the Microsoft Exchange window.  Click OK.
  7. You will be returned to the More Settings window.  Click OK.
  8. Click Next and then click Finish
  9. Click the Finish button.
  10. Click the Close button to close the Account Settings window.
  11. After a short period of time that Generic mailbox will appear in the mail folder list on the left side.
  12. If the Generic mailbox does not show up properly, quit Outlook 2010 and restart your computer (or log out of Windows and log back in).

Sending a mail message

You will be able to send and receive mail messages using the Generic mailbox as you would your own mail messages. However, when creating a brand new message, be sure to specify the Shared mailbox account as the sender on the From: line:

  1. Click the New E-mail button in the upper left of the ribbon to create a new message.
  2. Click the From: button of the new message and select “Other E-mail Address…”.Outlook 2010 Shared - From selection
  3. Type in the name of Generic mailbox and press OK.Send From Other E-mail Address dialog
  4. The Generic mailbox address will now be the From address for this e-mail message.From set to shared mailbox address
  5. Proceed as normal.

Removing a shared mailbox from view

If you have previously connected to Generic mailbox and no longer want to see it or no longer have proper access to it:

  1. In Outlook 2010, select the File tab, Info and click on Account Settings and select Account Settings…
  2. Select your FASmail User account in the list and click the Change… button.
  3. Click the More Settings… button.
  4. Select the Advanced tab.
  5. Select the Generic mailbox in the list.
  6. Click the Remove button and click OK.Outlook Shared 10