CanMEDs Award

Awarded by their peers to the Resident who best exemplifies the CanMEDS Competencies of Medical Expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Scholar & Professional.



1st    Smita Naidoo,Ivana Jakovljevic and Julia Gibson

2nd   Sebastien Chow and KaWai Leong

3rd    Anyssa Shakeri

4th    Julia Wong, Mohit Singh, Arun Jagdeo, Debra Yew/Julius Elefante, Alexander McGirr and Nadeesha Fernando


1st   Sebastien Chow & Faiza Somji

2nd  Julia Wong

3rd  Priayna Halli & Nadeesha Fernando

4th  Michelle van den Engh


1st   Kevin Wong

2nd  Alan Bates

3rd   Kathryn Wynn

4th   Jennifer Barley

5th   Jessica Brown, Maia Love, Jessica Luckhurst, Sarah Chan, and Mitesh Patel


1st    Alan Bates & Fidel Vila-Rodriguez

2nd   Cameron Anderson

3rd   Maia Love

4th    Kevin Wong

5th   Trish Nolan, David Sherman and Charlene Chan


1st   Alan Bates

2nd  Matt Chow

3rd   Jennifer Wide

4th   Maia Love

5th   Ilana Shawn


Presented at:
Research Day