Previous Recipients of the Resident CanMEDs Awards

Listed below are residents who were previously recognized for  best exemplifying the CanMEDS competencies of Medical Expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Scholar & Professional.


1st Place:   Dr. Ashley Jewett

2nd Place:  Dr. Melissa Bota, Dr. Lingsa Jia, Dr. Aldrich Leung, Dr. Jane Yoo & Dr. Paige Zhang

3rd Place:   Dr. Benedict Darren

4th Place:   Dr. John-Jose Nunez

5th Place:   Dr. Lingsa Jia


1st Place:   Dr. Raman Srivastava

2nd Place:   Dr. Kent Comeau

3rd Place:   Dr. Marlon Danilewitz

4th Place:   Dr. Lingsa Jia and Dr. Emma Koopmans

5th Place:   Dr. Melissa Cunningham

6th Place:   Dr. Marlon Danilewitz and Dr. Amanda Degenhardt


1st Place:   Dr. Lingsa Jia & Dr. Raman Srivastava

2nd Place:   Dr. Marlon Danilewitz, Dr. Nick Ainsworth and Dr. Cindy Liu

3rd Place:   Dr. Clara Westwell-Roper

4th Place:   Dr. Kent Comeau

5th Place:   Dr. Gurinder Grewal

6th Place:   Dr. Stefanie Montgomery

7th Place:   Dr. Rebecca Zivanovic


1st Place:   Dr. Negar Bayat and Dr. Amanda Degenhard

2nd Place:   Dr. Meghan Matos, Dr. Melissa Bota and Dr. Jane Yoo

3rd Place:   Dr. Verena Langheimer

4th Place:   Dr. Cindy Liu

5th Place:   Dr. Lingsa Jia and Dr. Pat McDonald


1st Place:   Dr. Bryan Chow

2nd Place:   Dr. Sharleen Gill, Dr. Asia Karakoc and Dr. Gunpreet Singh

3rd Place:   Dr. Trisha Chakrabarty

4th Place:   Dr. Cindy Liu

5th Place:   Dr. Amanda Degenhard

6th Place:   Dr. Alexander Leung


1st Place:   Dr. Pouya Rezazadeh-Azar

2nd Place:   Dr. Julius Elefante and Dr. Brynn Fredricksen

3rd Place:   Dr. Priyanka Halli and Dr. Alexander McGirr

4th Place:   Dr. Alexander Leung and Dr. Lise Malta

5th Place:   Dr. Simon Bow, Dr. Sebastien Chow, Dr. Amanda Degenhardt, Dr. Arun Jagdeo and Dr. Verena Langheimer


1st Place:   Dr. Smita Naidoo, Dr. Ivana Jakovljevic and Dr. Julia Gibson

2nd Place:   Dr. Sebastien Chow and Dr. KaWai Leong

3rd Place:   Dr. Anyssa Shakeri

4th Place:   Dr. Julia Wong, Dr. Mohit Singh, Dr. Arun Jagdeo, Dr. Debra Yew, Dr. Julius Elefante, Dr. Alexander McGirr and Dr. Nadeesha Fernando


1st Place:   Dr. Sebastien Chow and Dr. Faiza Somji

2nd Place:   Dr. Julia Wong

3rd Place: Dr. Priyanka Halli and Dr. Nadeesha Fernando

4th Place:   Dr.Michelle van den Engh


1st Place:   Dr. Kevin Wong

2nd Place:   Dr. Alan Bates

3rd Place:   Dr. Kathryn Wynn

4th Place:   Dr. Jennifer Barley

5th Place:   Dr. Jessica Brown, Dr. Maia Love, Dr. Jessica Luckhurst, Dr. Sarah Chan, and Dr. Mitesh Patel


1st Place:   Dr. Alan Bates and Dr. Fidel Vila-Rodriguez

2nd Place:   Dr. Cameron Anderson

3rd Place:   Dr. Maia Love

4th Place:   Dr. Kevin Wong

5th Place:   Dr. Trish Nolan, Dr. David Sherman and Dr. Charlene Chan


1st Place:   Dr. Alan Bates

2nd Place:   Dr. Matthew Chow

3rd Place:   Dr. Jennifer Wide

4th Place:   Dr. Maia Love

5th Place:   Dr. Ilana Shawn