Previous Recipients of the Postgraduate Psychotherapy Award

Listed below are residents who were previously recognized for  having a strong interest in psychotherapy, exceeding expectations in acquiring psychotherapy skills and demonstrating evidence of positive development as a psychotherapist.


2019:   Dr. Jane Ryan and Dr. Ruth Stewart (Co-recipients)

2018:   Dr. Jaeyun Yoo

2017:   Dr. Pulkit Singh and Verena Langheimer (Co-recipients)

2016:   Dr. Melissa Gansner and Dr. Nicole Martin (Co-recipients)

2015:   Dr. John Tavares

2014:   Dr. Michelle van den Engh

2013:   Dr. Tamara Salih

2012:   Dr. Kristjana Cameron

2011:   Dr. Summer Telio

2010:   Dr. Erin Burrell