Previous Recipients of the Resident Undergraduate Teaching Awards

Listed below are residents who were previously recognized for  making a significant and positive impact on the learning of students in the MD Undergraduate Program.



Vancouver:   Dr. Allison Gamble
Fraser:   Dr. Danny Lee
Vancouver Island:   Dr. Brad Williamson
Prince George:   Dr. Eric Paulsen


Vancouver:   Dr. Gabrielle Bosse-Chartier
Fraser:   Dr. Annie Ma
Vancouver Island:   Dr. Julie Lawrence
Prince George:   Dr. James DeCesare


Vancouver:   Dr. Stacy Flannigan
Fraser:   Dr. Julius Elefante
Vancouver Island:   Dr. Ashley Jewett
Prince George:   Dr. Karim Saleh  


Vancouver:   Dr. Verena Langheimer and Dr. KaWai Leong (Co-recipients)
Fraser:   Dr. Simon Woo
Vancouver Island:   Dr. Pulkit Singh  

2015:  Dr. Stacy Cormack (Flannigan) and Dr. Pouya Rezazadeh-Azar (Co-recipients)

2014:  Dr. Ashley Jewett and Dr. Margaret Wong (Co-recipients)

2013:   Dr. Paul Blackburn

2012:   Dr. Jennifer Barley

2011:   Dr. Kathryn Wynn

2010:   Dr. Cameron Anderson