Previous Recipients of the Emily Ellingsen Prize for Significant Contribution to the UBC Psychiatry Residency Program

Listed below are residents who were previously recognized for  outstanding contributions have resulted in improvements in the training, professional development and/or camaraderie in the residency training program.


2019:   Dr. Nicholas Ainsworth and Dr. Marlon Danilewitz (Co-recipients)

2018:   Dr. Bryan Chow and Dr. Bradley Locke (Co-recipients)

2017:   Dr. Simon Bow and Dr. Mariko Vaughan (Co-recipients)

2016:   Dr. Julius Elefante

2015:   Dr. Priyanka Halli  and Dr. Alex Leung (Co-recipients)

2014:   Dr. Paul Blackburn

2013:   Dr. Kevin Wong

2012:   Dr. Alan Bates

2011:   Dr. Cameron Anderson

2010:   Dr. Chris Robertson