TRICEPS (Translating Research into Clinical Excellence in Psychiatric Settings)

Awarded annually by Advisory Committee to a faculty member who excels in translating research findings into exemplary clinical care and demonstrates a commitment to evidence-based Psychiatry.


2019 Co-Recipients: Dr. Andrea Grabovac & Anton Scamvougeras
2018 Co-Recipients: Dr. Soma Ganesan & Dr. Hiram Mok
2017 Recipient: Dr. Randall White
2016 Recipient: Dr. Diane McIntosh
2015 Recipient: Dr. Kevin Kjernisted
2014 Co-Recipients: Dr. Rosemary Basson & Dr. Terry Isomura
2013 Co-Recipients: Dr. Jana Davidson & Dr. Rivian Weinerman
2012 Co-Recipients: Dr. David Bond & Dr. George Hadjipavlou
2011 Co-Recipients: Dr. Peter Chan & Dr. Shaila Misri
2010 Co-Recipients: Dr. Margaret Weiss & Dr. Richard Williams