[FoM Announcement] Funding Details – Dec 2, 2013 CIHR New Investigator Competition and Priority Announcements

Dear Department members,

CIHR has now launched the New Investigator Salary Award: 2013-2014 and Priority Announcements.

Department Deadline information

In order to meet Faculty of Medicine deadlines, please ensure grant application packages are submitted to the Department Administration Office – attention Vicky Yau, by noon, Tuesday, November 19, 2013 for Department review & approval. 

For more information regarding Faculty of Medicine CIHR New Investigator application procedures, please visit http://med.ubc.ca/research/grant-applications/cihr/new-investigator/

Specific Grant Development Requirements:

To initiate grant development at UBC, Point Grey and VCHRI, please send the finalized and signed copy of the Applicant’s Appendix 2A by October 7 to Dr. Elizabeth Cheu elizabeth.cheu@ubc.ca

CFRI only (Please note the deadlines and attached timelines may not apply. CFRI applicants should contact the Research & Technology Development Office as soon as possible to discuss proposal development/review.)

Additional information/clarification:

  1. The Application Deadline has been moved to Monday, December 2, 2013. Note: This change will not affect the Anticipated Notice of Decision (June 30, 2014) nor the Funding Start Date (July 1, 2014).


Application Deadline


Anticipated Notice of Decision


Funding Start Date
  1. Regarding Eligibility:

NOTE: Exceptionally for this competition, the applicants’ eligibility will be calculated as of September 15, 2013.

  1. Regarding Additional Instructions:

In order to ensure fairness in the evaluation of award applications, equivalent time must be guaranteed for each reviewer to assess each complete application. As a result, updates to applications (i.e. notices of final acceptance of publications and notices of any other funding requested or received) will not be accepted after the application deadline date. (Previously, updates were allowed within a few months post-application submission.)

  1. Under Guidelines, CIHR has added the following paragraph about knowledge translation:

CIHR’s mandate states that our commitment to excellence applies equally to research and knowledge translation, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the results of research are transformed into policies, practices, procedures, products and services. For more information about incorporating knowledge translation in your proposal, please see Guide to Knowledge Translation Planning at CIHR: Integrated and End-of-Grant Approaches.

  1. Under Evaluation Criteria, CIHR now specifies the following:

Applications may be reviewed by experts and generalist reviewers. As such, applicants are encouraged to write the application for a generalist audience.

  1. Under Funding Decision, CIHR provides clarification about the review process:

Upon completion of peer review, CIHR will receive the ranking list, ratings and recommendations on funding level and award term for the applications that fall in the fundable range and have been determined to be relevant to the specific research areas and objectives of the initiative. The list will be used for funding decision-making purposes and will remain anonymous unless applicants have provided written consent to share nominative information.

  1. Under Task: Identify Sponsors, CIHR provides additional information about the sponsor letters:

The assessments are in a free-form format and there is no page limit. They may be completed by former supervisors, experts in the applicant’s field of research, etc. The assessment should show evidence that the applicant has the characteristics and skills that correlate with career research achievements.

  1. Under Task: Enter Project Information and Supporting Documents: Lay Abstract, CIHR clarifies the content requirements:

The lay abstract should be a summary of the 5 Year Research Plan.

  1. Under Task: Enter Project Information and Supporting Documents: 5 Year Research Plan, CIHR provides additional information about references and figures:

Note 2: If your references and figures for the 5 Year Research Plan do not fit into the 5 page limit, they can be added to the Research Proposal Appendix.

 Please see the DEC 2013 CIHR New Investigator Salary Award-Requirements Deadlines