Call for Facilitators for Vancouver Fraser Medical Program (VFMP) Faculty Development’s Guided Small Group Learning Initiative

The VFMP Faculty Development Team aims to support excellence in the teachers in the MD Undergraduate Program by supporting the development of teaching and assessment competencies among faculty and instructors.
The Guided Small Group Learning (GSGL) initiative consists of a series of modules developed by McMaster University that aim to develop skills and knowledge relevant to clinical teaching. Modules target specific topics in medical education that match the needs of faculty teaching in the undergraduate program at UBC. Small groups of faculty are to gather at their comfort and convenience, and work through each module within a 2 hour period.
We are looking for facilitators for our GSGL initiative for 2014-2015. Facilitators are tasked with recruiting a cohort of 6-10 participants and leading them through the modules. Facilitators can be any faculty member who works with learners and is interested in improving their leadership in teaching, and facilitation abilities.
The following modules are available:

Giving Feedback

Time Efficient Teaching Strategies: Teaching on the Fly

Medical Mistakes: How to Help Learners with Errors and Adverse Outcomes

The Learner in Difficulty

Evaluation of Learner Performance

Preparing for New Learners: Planning and Orientation

International Medical Graduates: Orienting, Teaching and Connecting

Working Together: Interprofessional Education & Collaboration among Health Professionals

Developing Professionalism in Our Learners: Critical Conversations

Recruit a cohort of 6-10 participants to complete one or more modules Facilitate your group through the modules

2.0 Mainpro-M1/MOC Section 1 credits for each module

Mentorship and support from the VFMP faculty development team

Share and improve your facilitation, knowledge and skills

Learn with a group of your peers
To get started
Please send the following information by October 31, 2014 to:

Name & Departmental Affiliation

Hospital/ Geographic region (e.g. VGH, Mission, South Surrey, etc….)


Please see attached Poster