Malware Outbreak at UBC

At least one UBC department has been hit by a computer debilitating malware (virus) outbreak, affecting both Windows computers and shared files. It arrived via e-mail links and e-mail attachments, as a PDF file. These links and attachments were opened, even though there was insufficient text explaining what they were.

Central UBC IT staff are currently scanning Teamshare, Workspace and Home Drive file servers, which will degrade performance of these services. We are not aware of any scanning of non-UBC file share services, like Dropbox or Google Drive.

December 1 virus definitions from both Sophos and Trend Micro, detect and quarantine the malware files, however Windows computer users with other antivirus or no antivirus software are continuing to spread it. One copy (license) of Sophos antivirus is available to each UBC CWL account holder, from

Colin Bryant

Computer and Communications Systems Manager | Medicine | Psychiatry

The University of British Columbia | Pt. Grey Campus

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