New auto-mapped printers – Decommission of two old print servers “psyt0947” and “psyt1088”

Applies to: Psychiatry IT supported computers only –

We will be retiring and turning off our two old major servers (psyt0947 and psyt1088) soon; please start using below auto-mapped shared printers from now on.


Det – Admin – Lexmark on psyt1556v

Det – Mood – MDC on psyt1556v

Det – Ogrodniczuk – Lexmark on psyt1556v


Det – A.Diamond – Xerox on psyt1097

Det – shared copier on psyt1097

DHCC – shared copier on psyt1097

Strang – shared copier on psyt1097


Please kindly let us know if you have any questions or issues by emailing, thank you!