Dean’s Office Winter Leave Procedures: Dec 2017

Hello everyone,

The Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Office will be closed to the public from 12:30 pm on December 22, 2017 and will re-open at 8:30 am on January 2, 2018.


Before leaving for the holidays, please be reminded about the following procedures and deadlines, including: Campus Mail Services, Building Access, HR procedures, MedIT Service Desk hours, Finance deadlines, Dean’s Signing Authority availability, and General Office procedures:

Topic Instruction/ Information
Campus Mail

The last mail pick up FROM campus TO the hospitals will be: Dec 22 at 8:30 AM.

The last mail pick up FROM the hospitals TO campus will be: Dec 21 at 1:00 PM.


The last delivery of mail will be December 22 at 8:30 AM. While items will still be collected, they will be held until service resumes in January.


The last day for the On-Campus Courier (to Financial Services, Faculty Relations, President’s Office) will be Thursday December 21 at 12:00 PM.

External courier pick-up/deliveries at IRC

Please note the deadline for external courier pick-up/deliveries at the IRC Dean’s Office will be December 22 at 12:00PM.


Staff are expected to make arrangements to send or receive their packages.


Building access:  Please be aware of any access restrictions to your building, including elevators. If you will be accessing the Office during the Leave period, read and understand the University’s work-alone protocols.


· Point Grey, Woodward Instructional Resource Centre:

o    Dec 22:  Closed to the public at 3pm.

o    Dec 23  – Jan 1:  Closed to the public. There will be no services for the building (e.g. custodial, mail). The elevator will not be in service; the staircase will be locked.

o    Alarms:  Both the 3rd floor and Basement alarm systems will be ARMED from Dec 23 to Jan 1.
If you come in, you must use your alarm code to DISARM the system when you arrive, and ARM the system when you leave.

o    Jan 2:  Open to the public at 7 am.

o    Campus Security (604.822.2222)

· Point Grey, Life Sciences Centre:

o    Dec 22 :  Closed to the public at 6 pm.

o    Dec 23 – Jan 1 : Closed to the public. Access to the building is limited to those with access key cards. Building power and elevator access will continue as per normal operating procedures.

o    Jan 2:  Open to the public at 7 am.

o    Campus Security (604.822.2222)

· Point Grey, UBC Hospital:

o    Open as per normal operating procedures.

o    Campus Security (604.822.2222)

· VGH, Diamond Health Care Centre:

o     Dec 25, 26, Jan 1:  Closed.
Access to the building and use of elevators is limited to those with access key cards. Building heat, power (lights) will also be reduced.

o    Security (604.875.4492)

· VGH, other locations (e.g., JPPN or MSAC buildings):

o    If your unit is located in a hospital building that does not close, building access to your office is not affected. Please follow procedures as established for your site/location.

o    Security (604.875.4111 ext. 66661)

· Children’s & Women’s Hospital:

o    H214 : The alarm system will be ARMED from Dec 23 to Jan 1.

o    Other areas of the hospital are open as per normal operating procedures.

o    Security (604.875.2999)

· Other locations:

·         Please follow procedures as established for your site/location.


Orders will be accepted until December 22.

Please note that deliveries will not be received until January.


All forms for payments (eg. JVs, Requisitions, etc.) that require processing before the closure must be received with all signatures by December 19th .


For cheque deposits, please contact your Finance Cluster processing specialist as soon as possible.


Accounts payable cheques and ETF payments will not be produced during the break. The last cheque runs (including Employee Reimbursements & Direct Deposits) before the holidays will be on the morning of Dec 22. The cheques issued through December will be dated with the current date. The first cheque run after the holidays will be on the morning of Jan 2.


Office of the Dean Affairs

Items requiring the Dean’s approval &/or signature should be received at the IRC Dean’s Office by December 20. Please contact the Dean’s Executive Coordinator if alternate arrangements are necessary.



About December 22: 

The Dean has elected to close the office at 12:30PM on this day. If you wish to take December 22rd off, you must claim a vacation day. Staff working on this day will not be required to use vacation time.



All paper forms for December 31st payroll should be at payroll no later than December 15th to make sure they are processed in time. Since payroll is closing for the holiday, they will run pay early. It is expected to run on December 20th, nothing will be processed after that time until the new year.


Staff Leave over the Holiday Break ( December 27, 28, 29, 2017 )

Please see here about for your respective employee groups.



For December 22:

The MedIT Service Desk (Desktop & ITSC Support and Videoconferencing Support) is available from 7am-12:00pm.


Between Dec 23 – Jan 1:

The MedIT Service Desk will be closed.

Regular hours (7:00am – 5:00pm) resume on January 2.


There are no network outages scheduled over the winter break.

All systems will remain operational over the holiday period.


Again, please remember to turn off your computer and monitor.


Room Bookings and Access

Room booking requests will be accepted until December 21. Requests received afterwards will be processed when the office re-opens on January 2.


Access to meeting rooms may be restricted at some sites during the holiday period.  Meeting participants are advised to contact the Reception or the Room Booker at the respective site before the holiday to check access requirements. Please contact the Facilities Room Booking team at or 604-875-4111 ext. 62381 if you have any questions about room booking or room access.


Please see the MedIT section above about videoconferencing support during the holiday period.

General Office

Voicemail/Email: Activate your “out of office” messages to notify people of your absence.


Extended absences beyond the Holiday Leave period: Arrange backup assistance with your unit as necessary.


Your workstation: Ensure your work area is secure. Confidential/sensitive information must be locked away. Valuables should be taken with you. Turn off your computer and monitor. Unplug heaters and fans. Empty your recycling and waste bins. Close your doors and windows, and TURN OFF ALL LIGHTS.


Further information can be found at UBC Sustainability.


Food/plants: Remove all personal food and perishable items from the fridge, freezer, and your desk. Office fridges will be cleared of all items on December 22. If you keep plants, please water them.


UBC Alerts: In the event of an emergency, messages will be posted on UBC’s main website ( and Twitter account (@ubc). Staff should also sign up for the UBC Alerts service by following the instructions at




All the best this holiday season to you and your families. Happy New Year!


Satoshi Iura

Office Manager | Faculty of Medicine, Dean`s Office

University of British Columbia | IRC

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Phone 604 822 3136 |


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