UBC Emeritus College – April 2019 Newsletter





The April issue of the UBC Emeritus College is available online with:


  • Professor Emerita Marguerite Chiarenza was presented with the President’s Award for Distinguished Service
  • Report of the Nominating Committee, proposing slate for 2019-20
  • Dean Meigan Aronson will host the Annual Science Emeriti Lunch on May 13
  • UBC Emeriti at the 2019 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities on June 4
  • Report on the recent Transition into Retirement seminar
  • Report on March 14 lecture at Green College, How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb, by John O’Brian
  • Information about Subsidy for Continuing Scholarly Activities for 2018-2019
  • Upcoming events with Activity Groups on Film, Travel, Photography, Aristotelian Reading, and Philosophers’ Café
  • Emeritus Awards, Publications by Emeriti and “What are they up to now?” Department
  • and other interesting facts and news.

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