Congratulations to Dr. David Kealy – recipient of 2019 MSFHR Scholar Award

Dr. David Kealy has been awarded MSFHR Scholar Award

Personal identity–one’s psychological sense of personal continuity–is an important aspect of mental health, informing one’s motivations, behaviors, and social relations. Disruptions in identity can contribute to prevalent conditions such as personality disorders. Indeed, distorted identity is a core aspect of personality dysfunction and disorder, contributing to considerable negative health and social outcomes–and a prominent challenge for health care providers and systems. Interventions that strengthen identity during young adulthood may be a potent way to mitigate personality dysfunction, preventing entrenched impairment and setting a course for positive mental health.

Dr. Kealy’s research project “Identity in Mental Health: A focus for early intervention and improving social functioning” focuses on psychosocial intervention aimed at strengthening identity and reducing personality-related dysfunction among vulnerable young adults.