Free Image Capture and Editing software


UBC has purchased a license for Techsmith’s Snagit and Camtasia software.  UBC staff, faculty and students are eligible for a free copy.

Snagit, as the name suggests, allows you to capture, edit and share screenshots.  It will also capture video of your screen, with optional audio.  In Psychiatry IT, we use it to record computer instructions for UBC Department of Psychiatry members.  You can also:

  • Remove the background from an image.
  • Still or video capture your desktop, including scrolled web pages.
  • Use it as a smaller (runs well on old computers) and easier Adobe Photoshop replacement.
  • Turn text in an image, into editable text.

Camtasia can also be used for capturing screen video, but is primarily a timeline-based video/audio editor.

Techsmith provides a good series of instructional videos, that are mostly only a few minutes long, so you can get your image editing task done quickly.