OSCE Physician Examiner Application 2019 – 2020 Now Open!

This message is being sent on behalf of the Educational Assessment Unit (EAU), UBC Faculty of Medicine

Dear Physicians,

We are seeking Physician Examiners to participate in Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE’s) for the upcoming 2019 – 2020 academic year. As an examiner, you will observe candidates interacting with a Standardized Patient in an OSCE station and record performances according to rating guidelines.

We have updated our web page with new dates and times for the next academic year; click on the
“Apply Now” link below and apply through our updated online portal. Please fill out the entire form even if you have applied to this form in previous years; applying again this year allows us to have your most current information and availability.


All exams qualify for continuing medical education credits; see your College website for information about claiming credits.

Exam Confirmation

Confirmation of your participation is dependent upon eligibility/ availability and will occur approximately 6-8 weeks before each exam. We understand that scheduling changes do occur throughout the year, however, we do ask that you respond to our confirmation emails as soon as possible even if you are unable to attend so we may fill invite other examiners who may be available.

General Information

For more information on clinical exams, please visit the websites for Medical Council of Canada exams or for the UBC UGME curriculum. Questions regarding OSCE examinations can be sent to exam.recruit@ubc.ca.

We ask that you to fill out the online form as soon as possible to indicate your availability for the upcoming year. Please feel free to send this email along to colleagues you think may be interested in participating.


It is thanks to the efforts of Physician Examiners that we are able to hold high-stakes clinical examinations at UBC and ensure excellence in the evaluation of physicians.

Thank you!

From the EAU Team

Catherine Craig
Team Lead, Exam Site Administrator, catherine.craig@ubc.ca
604-875-4111 ext 68753

Jennifer Wong
Examinations Site Administrator, jennifer.wong@ubc.ca
604-875-4111 ext 23000

Achille Gardellini
Examinations Site Administrator, achille.gardellini@ubc.ca
604-875-4111 ext 63302