Congratulations to Dr. Tonia Nicholls – Recipient of a 2019 MSFHR Convening & Collaborating Award

Dr. Tonia Nicholls was recently named a recipient of a 2019 MSFHR Convening & Collaborating Award for her project titled, “Collaborative development of an inclusive research agenda for evaluating correctional health service.” The MSFHR Convening & Collaborating Awards are intended to support the planning of research programs and activities that will bring researchers and research users together to address the current five BC Health system priorities: enhancing access to effective primary health care, services for seniors with complex medical conditions, mental health/substance use care, services for patients needing surgery, and rural and remote health care services.

As Principal Investigator, Dr. Nicholls, along with Research User Co-Lead, Dr. Nader Sharifi, will lead their team in a collaborative process focused on healthcare delivery in correctional facilities in BC, with the aim of co-developing of a research agenda to evaluate healthcare governance transitions and aftercare. Read more about Dr. Nicholls’ project here.