A Big Thank You to the Faculty and Residents Who Contributed to Another Successful Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program!


On behalf of Dr. Yatham and the Department of Psychiatry, we extend our deep appreciation to the more than 50 faculty and residents who participated in the 2019 Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program, and without whom the Program would not have been possible.  Your tremendous contributions have made the Program a resounding success. Our thanks go out to:



Elisabeth Baerg Hall Kelly Driver Colleen Northcott Christine Taylor Darcy Good
Chris Blashko Julius Elefante Eugene Okorie Joseph Tham Gurinder Grewal
Simon Bow Andrea Grabovac Tyler Oswald Andrea Tuka Oshin Maheshwari
Michael Butterfield Ursula Gutteridge Suniti Pande Nicole Tsang Alana Meikle
Apu Chakraborty Neil Hanon Kulwant Riar Pravesh Vallabh Vishal Patel
Andrea Chapman William Honer Jennifer Russel Randall White Ethan Reiner
Danielle Chin Andrew Howard Navraaj Sandhu Monique Wong Magdalena Szumilas
James Chin Nirmal Kang Kelly Saran Sai Ming Simon Woo
Alice Cojocaru Lucinda Kunkel Nathan Schaffer Birgitta Woods
Shauna Correia Jennifer Laidlaw Christian Schütz Elizabeth Woodward
Julio Fernando Diaz Nancy Miki Karolina Smith Gloria Yuen
Ingrid Douziech Smita Naidoo Betty Tang


Based on similar programs at the Universities of Toronto and Ottawa, the UBC Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program offers first year UBC medical undergraduates with an interest in psychiatry insight into the specialty and life as a psychiatrist. The second iteration of the Summer Immersion Program took place from June 10-12, 2019 in Vancouver and at distributed sites in Victoria and Kelowna. Again, the Program proved popular with students, attracting 36 applications for 20 spots.

Over three days, students engaged with psychiatrists from diverse subspecialties through half-day interactive didactic sessions and half-day shadowing experiences. Students listened to faculty share personal stories of how and why they chose psychiatry as a career and the particulars of their subspecialties, as well as learning about hot topics such as ‘cannabis in psychiatry’. Students were also provided an opportunity to interact with psychiatry residents, hear about the residents’ own career paths to psychiatry, and gain valuable advice. Shadowing proved to be a highlight for many. Each day, students were assigned to shadow psychiatrists from a wide variety of subspecialties in diverse settings throughout BC.

As with our inaugural program last year, student feedback was extremely positive, with 100% of participants that responded rating the program as ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ worthwhile:


“Great program!! Before I was undecided if I wanted to pursue [psychiatry] but now I have it as top 2 on my list. All the faculty, staff, and residents were so passionate.”

“I didn’t know all of the different ways in which a person can practice psychiatry. Seeing the different subspecialties like sexual medicine and consultation liaison definitely opened my mind to areas of psychiatry I would be interested in.”

“This was an incredibly valuable experience! It was helpful to learn about the different facets of the large spectrum of psychiatry jobs and then observing some of these through the shadowing sessions…”

 “I want to thank . . . the lecturers and those who offered shadowing opportunities for providing their time and fostering an interest in psychiatry. I had an amazing experience, and I wish more students in the future will be able to use this experience to help explore their interests in psychiatric medicine.”

*comments are anonymous and have been used with permission.


Provisional dates for the next Summer Immersion Program are June 8-10, 2020. If you are interested in participating in the 2020 PSIP, please contact Julia Lew, Educational Technologist, at julia.lew@ubc.ca.




Clare Beasley, Faculty Lead

Julia Lew, Educational Technologist