An Update from the Department’s Research and Scholarly Activity Committee


Broadly, this committee is responsible for ensuring that our department’s residency program meets Royal College training objectives for scholarly activity. Specific responsibilities include the identification, development, enhancement, promotion, monitoring and evaluation of resident scholarly activity projects, and ensuring that objectives relating to research and scholarly activity are integrated throughout the educational program.

The committee is currently meeting quarterly. Recent activities have included updating several scholarly activity procedural, policy and support documents, such as:

  • Scholarly Project Abstract Form (for residents)
  • Scholarly Activity Project Checklist (for residents)
  • Scholarly Activity Project Policy
  • UBC Scholarly Activity Project Objectives

You can find copies of all relevant documentation here:

Residents or faculty members with inquires about scholarly activity are encouraged to contact Dr. Erin Michalak, Associate Program Director, Scholarly Activity, via

Members of the Research and Scholarly Activity Committee currently include: Dr. Raymond Lam, Dr. Donna Lang, Dr. Nichole Fairbrother, Dr. Tonia Nicholls, Dr. Joanna Cheek, Dr. Brenda Griffiths and resident reps Dr. John Jose-Nunez and Dr. Mohammad Nikoo.