Pilot of New Tool for Undergrad Year 3: WBA Direct Observation #3 Differential Diagnosis

*** Sent on behalf of Dr. Kathryn Fung, UBC Department of Psychiatry, Clerkship Director ***


Dear Clinical Faculty,

Beginning Monday, January 20, 2020, the Undergraduate Year 3 Rotational Clerkship program is piloting an updated WBA form for Direct Observation #3 (DO #3) – Differential Diagnosis for students rotating through Psychiatry. This will be integrated into the current WBA Qualtrics survey link you already have access to for Psychiatry.

The intention is to integrate Year 1 and 2 tools as students have been taught to organize their thinking about differential diagnoses into a table. Effective January 20th, if the student selects DO #3, they will be prompted to fill out a differential diagnosis table within the survey. They may list up to 4 Dx/hypotheses and a possible critical Dx, along with findings supporting each Dx/hypothesis, and findings refuting each Dx/hypothesis.

Students are expected to fill in the differential diagnosis table on their own BEFORE the discussion with the preceptor completing the WBA DO#3 form. After completing the table, preceptors should review the table with the student and provide feedback. Students are not expected to update the table based on feedback received. Once feedback is provided, preceptors should continue to submit the WBA DO as usual, validating they have reviewed all information.

Please note that upon selecting DO #3, completion of the table is mandatory for the student. However, students do not need to complete all fields within the table. They should enter ‘N/A’ into a field instead of leaving it blank.

At VFMP, the table itself will not be included in the WBA DO report that is sent to the preceptor completing the mid- and end-of-rotation assessment forms.

Included below is a screenshot of what you can expect the table to look like.

As this is a pilot, we are requesting feedback on if the table assists in student learning and if it is practical to complete. You may share your feedback with the Discipline-Specific Site Lead (DSSL) at your site (see list below), who will bring the feedback to our Undergraduate Education Committee. You may also email Dr. Kathryn Fung (kathryn.fung@vch.ca), Psychiatry Clerkship Director, and Paola Martens (paola.martens@ubc.ca), Senior Education Programs Manager. Students will also have the opportunity to provide feedback through the WBA DO #3 form itself.

The pilot will run for the remainder of the current Year 3 academic year (end of May 2020). Subsequently, a decision will be made whether to incorporate the table into WBA DO#3 – Differential Diagnosis for all disciplines for the next 2020-21 academic year. Therefore, your feedback is needed by the end of April 2020.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your participation and feedback.


Dr. Kathryn Fung
UBC Department of Psychiatry, Clerkship Director


DSSL Contacts

IMP: Dr. Wei-Yi Song (wei.song@viha.ca)
NMP: Dr. Bill Schlamp (bill.schlamp@gmail.com)
SMP Kamloops RIH: Dr. Sheik Hosenbocus (harris.lari@fraserhealth.ca)
SMP Kelowna KGH: Dr. Neil Hanon (drhanon@shaw.ca)


BCCH Co-Director: Dr. Kelly Saran (ksaran@cw.bc.ca)
BCCH Co-Director: Dr. Jennifer Yeh  (jennifer.yeh@cw.bc.ca)
BGH: Dr. Jiong Wu (jiong.wu@fraserhealth.ca)
LGH: Dr. Arvind Kang (arvind.kang@vch.ca)
RCH: Dr. Anson Koo (anson.koo@fraserhealth.ca)
RH: Dr. Sreedharan Nagendran (sreedharan.nagendran@vch.ca)
SMH: Dr. Harris Lari (harris.lari@fraserhealth.ca)
SPH: Dr. Christopher Murray (cbmurray@providencehealth.bc.ca)
VGH: Dr. Christine Taylor (christine.taylor@ubc.ca)