Call for Nominations: 2020 COUPE Early Educator Award


****Sent on behalf of Dr. Kathryn Fung, Undergraduate Program Director and COUPE Representative****





The Canadian Organization of Undergraduate Psychiatric Educators (COUPE) is proud to announce the creation of our first COUPE Early Educator Award. This award is designed to recognize a teacher who is actively involved in undergraduate medical education, and demonstrates enthusiasm, creativity and innovation to inspire learners in psychiatry. Please see attached information for further information on eligibility criteria and deadlines for applications award.



Candidate should demonstrate innovation in and/or dedication to undergraduate medical education in one or more of the following areas:

  • curriculum development,
  • teaching effectiveness,
  • mentorship,
  • promotion of psychiatry,
  • leadership,
  • educational scholarship,
  • dedication to undergraduate teaching,
  • commitment to educational excellence/professional

Favorable consideration will be given to candidates who demonstrate innovation and excellence in undergraduate education particularly at provincial and national levels. Receipt of local and/or departmental award(s) will also be viewed favorably.



  • Application package cannot be more than 10 (ten) pages excluding cv.
  • A maximum of one applicant per Canadian university. Prior unsuccessful nominees can re-apply.
  • Applicant must be within 10 years of practice at an academic institution, at assistant professor\clinical assistant professor or



  1. A personal statement from the applicant (not more than 2 pages; 12 point arial font) outlining the relevant highlights of their academic activities and involvement in education that is the focus of the award
  2. Nomination letter from someone in a leadership position (Departmental Chair or designate, or undergraduate leadership position).
  3. 2 letters of reference (1 can be from a medical student if appropriate).
  4. An up-to-date



Deadline to submit application is Tuesday June 30, 2020 to Dr. Kathryn Fung (, UBC COUPE Representative.



The award recipient will receive a certificate of recognition from COUPE and the letter will be cc’d to the Chair of the Department and to the Dean of Undergraduate education of the recipient’s Department\University. The award recipient will receive a certificate at the COUPE annual meeting held in conjunction with the CPA meeting typically in September of each year. COUPE will notify the recipient in advance in order that he/she may attend and take a picture with the COUPE Chair.



COUPE will nominate a sub-committee to review application packages to select a winner. In the case of a deadlock, the sub-committee may bring forth application packages to the COUPE Committee for a final decision. The sub-committee reserves the prerogative to not give an award in a given year.