Curtailment of Research Activities on UBC Campus



Dear colleagues,

Following the March 19th UBC Broadcast email regarding the university-wide order for researchers to curtail all non-critical research activities on campus and to implement plans to operate remotely by the end of day on Tuesday March 24th, I want to ensure that our UBC Psychiatry research community stays well informed regarding these measures, as they will impact all researchers situated both on UBC campus as well as at VCHRI, PHCRI, BCCHR, BCMHSU, and other off-campus health authority research sites.

I urge our researchers at all sites to please read carefully the UBC On-Campus Research Curtailment measures, which are in effect from the end of the day on Tuesday March 24th until Wednesday April 15th, with the possibility of extension.  Please note that UBC researchers based at the health authority sites are directed to follow site-specific directives, however should clear site-specific directives be pending at this time, I advise you to follow the same guidelines outlined for on-campus UBC research activities, which are intended to prioritize health and safety, first and foremost. As well, the Faculty of Medicine has provided additional FAQs and Resources For Research during this curtailment order, which I encourage our researchers to review.

I will emphasize here that only research activities that can be conducted remotely and safely without in-person contact, such as manuscript preparation, thesis preparation, literature reviews, and data analysis, can continue, and must be conducted in compliance with UBC information security standards. Critical research materials required for off-site work during the research curtailment must be retrieved before the end of the day on March 24th.

As well, only exempted critical COVID-19 research, essential clinical trials or critical research continuity activities can continue on-campus. Individual researchers conducting critical research may apply for an exemption to continue on-campus research, which is subject to approval by the Department Head, the Dean, and the VP, Research and Innovation.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the implementation of your research activities to remote operations by the end of the day on Tuesday March 24th, please contact Vicky Yau, Director of Administration, at



Dr. Lakshmi N. Yatham, Professor and Head, UBC Department of Psychiatry