Updates on UBC Psychiatry Administrative Operations


******* Sent on behalf of Vicky Yau, Director of Administration, UBC Department of Psychiatry *******


Dear Department members,

As you are aware, the bulk of UBC Psychiatry administrative operations are now being conducted remotely and online, however we remain fully functioning at this time and do not anticipate undue delays with regard to processes on our end.  Below is a summary of updates to some of the processes:


We ask that supervisors and staff submit any finance-related documents, such as receipts and requisitions, electronically as a PDF or a JPEG screenshot to Gloria Park by email at psychiatry.financeasst@ubc.ca, in lieu of paper copies.

Human Resources

We ask that department members to submit any HR-related documents electronically to Amity Chiang by email at amity.chiang@ubc.ca, in lieu of paper copies.

Research Grant Application

To support remote work, UBC’s ORS and UILO will not require physical or secure PDF signatures during this period, provided that the completed RPIF and all email approvals are attached in one email. Please note that all Research Project Information Form (RPIF) packages will be accepted via email, so please do not send in any more paper forms. For RPIFs that require the Department Head’s signature, please submit the package to me at vicky.yau@ubc.ca.

Contacts and Communications

We ask that you continue to direct any inquiries to the appropriate points of contact by email. Please click on the links for a list of contacts for the following: Psychiatry Administration Office, Psychiatry Education Office, and Psychiatry IT.

We will be continually updating the UBC Psychiatry Home Page as well as our Twitter feed (please follow @UBC_Psychiatry) with the latest news and updates, will continue to circulate the Communications Bulletin every Friday, and will send out any urgent messages to all Department members via individual emails.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the current business operations of the Department, please feel free to contact me at vicky.yau@ubc.ca.

Please take care and stay safe, everyone!




Vicky Yau
Director, Administration
Faculty of Medicine | Department of Psychiatry
The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus
2255 Wesbrook Mall | Vancouver BC | V6T 2A1 Canada
Phone 604 822 7313 | Fax 604 822 7756