Important Building Access Information for UBC Hospital

DetwillerSent on behalf of Vicky Yau, Director of Administration, UBC Department of Psychiatry

***** Updated on Wednesday March 25, 2020 *****

Dear Department Members at the UBC Hospital Site,

Following the email circulated on Monday March 23rd regarding controlled access to the four buildings at UBC Hospital (including DMCBH) as a protective measure against the spreading of novel coronavirus, I am sending another email due to an alert raised by the UBCH Site Lead that, unfortunately, some staff are not complying with the recently implemented standards and guidelines. While the alert did not identify at which building(s) these incidents occurred, the reports do specify that some staff are refusing to wash their hands and are not showing ID when asked.

Although at this time the UBCH Site Lead has advised the screeners/greeters to be lenient on the ID for now, that said, thorough hand washing is mandatory and non-negotiable.  As well, all persons will be asked if they are well or not ( ie. showing signs of cold, cough, fever), and if they are not well, they will be refused entry into the buildings.

It is important to emphasize that these measures are implemented to protect the health and safety of all persons occupying the Hospital, and that we all need to come together in partnership on this, as the protection of both staff and patients at the Hospital is a responsibility we all carry and must uphold.

Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation during these trying times.


Dear Department Members at the UBC Hospital Site,

Please note that as of Monday March 23rd, 2020, each building at UBC Hospital, including the D.M. Centre for Brain Health, will have only one main entrance for access during business hours from Monday to Friday as indicated below, until further notice. There will be greeters to screen people entering each building during business hours, so staff should be reminded to wear ID for access to all UBC Hospital buildings.

All other entrances will be locked to control access and flow in and out of the buildings, and after hours/weekends access will be restricted to the Koerner Main entrance and via the tunnel.


Main door open 0600-2200, with Paladin security
Scan Card access back door
After hours, use intercom connected to Security via switchboard


Main door open 0700-1600
Scan Card access 24/7
After hours access via Koerner Main entrance:  Visitors must buzz in w/intercom; staff must physically walk down to let visitor into building; access through Koerner via the tunnel


Main door open 0700-1600
After hours access through Koerner via the tunnel


Main door open 0700-1600
Scan Card access 24/7
After hours access through Koerner via the tunnel


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Vicky Yau
Director, Administration
Faculty of Medicine | Department of Psychiatry
The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus
2255 Wesbrook Mall | Vancouver BC | V6T 2A1 Canada
Phone 604 822 7313 | Fax 604 822 7756