Postponement of Postgraduate Psychiatry Graduation Gala and PGY1-2 Welcome Reception


** Sent on Behalf of Dr. Irfan Khanbhai, Acting Program Director, UBC Postgraduate Psychiatry **


Hello Faculty,

I am sad to say that given the current events regarding COVID-19, in discussion with the PGY5’s, we have decided to postpone their Graduation Gala.  It was scheduled to happen in June 2020, but we likely will be continuing to practice social/physical distancing at that time.  We will look at re-booking it as early as is possible while maintaining our health and wellness.

There will also likely be a postponement of the PGY1-2 Welcome Reception that is to occur in early July 2020, but we will let you know as the situation unfolds over the next few months.

Best to all and take care of yourselves,


Dr. Irfan Khanbhai MD, FRCPC
Clinical Associate Professor
Acting Program Director
UBC Psychiatry Postgraduate Education Program