Alert from Psychiatry IT: Fake Zoom “HR Meeting” Emails


Criminals are taking advantage of people’s COVID-19 financial concerns by sending fake urgent Zoom meeting requests to UBC faculty and staff.  The fake e-mail makes it appear you are about to miss your last chance for a performance review meeting with HR staff, before potential termination.

If you click the link, a very real looking Zoom login page will attempt to get you to enter your CWL and/or Zoom account password.  A few points to note:

  • It has the typical urgency of phishing attempts and tries to get you to click before you think
  • When someone else is hosting a meeting, you shouldn’t need to login to Zoom as an attendee.
  • The fake zoom sign in page is not us or
  • Your e-mail address is pre-entered.

More information and samples can be found at

If you clicked the link, please contact