DMCBH COVID-19 Series: Dr. Terry Snutch Leads Canadian Researchers in Sequencing Virus Genome


Dr. Terry Snutch, who is jointly appointed in the UBC Departments of Zoology and Psychiatry, is featured in the DMCBH COVID Series this week.

The article highlights Dr. Snutch’s leading role in the COVID-19 viral genome sequencing component of a $40 million federally funded Genome Canada genomics project. The project aims to first sequence the entire genomes of up to 10,000 patients infected with the virus (termed the host genome project), then sequence up to 150,000 viral genomes isolated from infected people (the Canadian COVID-19 Genome virus project called CanCOGeN-VirusSeq being led by Dr. Snutch).

Read the full DMCBH article here.