Fraudulent Emails with Sender Display Name “Lakshmi Yatham” – DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE EMAILS!


We are aware of a recent influx in odd and unusual email requests to Department members that show the sender display name as “Lakshmi Yatham,” as shown in the image below.

Please DO NOT respond to such emails, as they are likely fraudulent phishing emails which originate from unknown external email accounts.

In future, if you receive any unusual or uncharacteristic emails from “Lakshmi Yatham,” and in particular, if the emails originate from a Gmail or other account that is NOT a legitimate UBC account, please assume it is fraudulent and do not respond to the email. You are instead encouraged to forward the email to UBC IT Security at

As advised by UBC Safety & Risk Services:

Phishing messages can come in many different disguises, from sophisticated deception to obvious fraud. Watch out for these five common characteristics of phishing emails:

1. Sense of urgency and time constraint
2. Requests to verify accounts or credit card numbers
3. PDF attachments from businesses
4. Poor grammar and spelling
5. Links that don’t look quite right (e.g. instead of

*Remember: “Think before you click the link”. If you have any concerns about a message or link, don’t open the message or click the link.