Essential Entrada and Competence by Design (CBD) Resources and Links


*** Sent on Behalf of the Psychiatry Education Office Team***


Dear Faculty,

Many of you have requested information about Competence by Design (CBD) and Entrada. This message contains the essential Entrada and CBD information and links. (Clicking on the hyperlink below will take you to that section of the email.)

If you have any questions, please email:


  1. Log into with CWL and password
  • To create a CWL:
    • You will need your UBC ID number and CWL sign-up PIN, which is indicated on your original Departmental Welcome Letter.
    • If you are unable to locate a copy, please contact Amity Chiang, Assistant Human Resources Manager, at and let her know the best number to reach you or your confidential voicemail box. She will then provide your UBC ID number and CWL sign-up PIN by phone, unfortunately, we cannot share this information via email due to security reasons.
  • Ensure the correct email is registered with your Department HR Administrator (
  • Entrada Quick Start Guides/CWL FAQ document:
  1. Device double authentication

Issues? If you encounter any access or technical issues, please contact:


Psychiatry CBD Resources Website

  • Entrada Psychiatry CBD Resources website – here
  • You will need a CWL to log in
  • CBD Webinar recording posted
  • If the website link does not work for you, follow these steps:
    • Log into Entrada as described in the Entrada section above
    • Check that you are logged in as PGME (see image below)

(Image has ‘Staff PGME’ but you would be ‘Faculty’ PGME)

IF it does NOT indicate PGME under Faculty, click on the middle icon (see image) and select the button below ‘PGME’.

  1. On computer: Click on the ‘Communities’ tab near the top left (next to the ‘Dashboard”tab)
    • *On smart phone:  Touch the three vertical dots near the top of the screen; Touch ‘Communities’ in dropdown menu; Touch ‘Close Sidebar’ to access the rest of the webpage
  2. Locate the search bar under the heading ‘Search for a Community’
  3. Enter “psychiatry cbd”  then click/touch ‘Search’
  4. Click/touch ‘Psychiatry CBD Resources’ in the results list under the search bar

Note: You’ll notice there are other Psychiatry communities that will also show up in your search results


Royal College Psychiatry Documents

  • National Standards for Psychiatry Training – here.
  • Psychiatry CBD Documents (CBD Observation templates, Psychiatry EPA Guide, Psychiatry Pathway to Competence) – request documents here.


Royal College CBD Resources

Webinars include:

  • Teaching and Learning in CBD
  • Competence Committees
  • Workplace-based Assessments (WBA) in CBD
  • Coaching in CBD


FoM PGME’s CBD Website

  • FoM PGME CBD website – here.
  • Contains Entrada Quick Start Guides for: Faculty, Resident, Competence Committee, and more.

Kind regards,

Psychiatry Education Office Team