Congratulations to 2020 FoM Award Recipients, Mr. Caden Poh and Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy!


The Department congratulates Mr. Caden Poh, Research Coordinator within the CREST-BD network, and Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy, Clinical Associate Professor and Division Head & Subspecialty Program Director for Geriatric Psychiatry, both of whom have received Faculty of Medicine Awards for 2020!


Mr. Caden Poh received the Applegarth Staff Service Award in recognition for his outstanding and sustained contributions to the Department and the CREST.BD network. In large part due to his diligence and hard work, the CREST.BD lab has been successful in receiving multiple grants and awards in 2019, including the CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for Patient Engagement, Utting Prize in Psychiatry, and a $635k CIHR Project award for 3 years of funding.

Additionally, Caden has worked very hard to improve the value, efficiency and sustainability of the CREST.BD network, taking incredible initiative in building its online presence in order to reach and connect with a wider audience, and enhance community participation, including supporting the delivery of the CREST.BD online initiative called #TalkBD LIVE. Because of Caden’s efforts, CREST.BD has dramatically increased its accessibility through its online resources, reaching thousands more people through various social media platforms.

With his positive attitude and diverse skill set, Caden has proven himself to be a valuable member of the APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health, which is hosted by UBC, led by Dr. Raymond Lam, and is responsible for all of APEC’s mental health initiatives across Asia-Pacific. He contributed significantly to two major APEC publications, and was also an active participant at a regional Digital Hub meeting in Singapore in 2019. Way to go, Caden — this recognition is well deserved!


Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy received the Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Community Practice Teaching, VFMP for his outstanding  educational contributions and impact to his local community.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy is the Psychiatry Department Head and Medical Director at Richmond Hospital, as well as the Medical Lead at the VCH Tertiary Mental Health & Substance Use Program. His primary area of practice is community geriatric psychiatry, however his other areas of expertise include geriatric and working age cognitive disorders, psychopathology, substance use related brain damage, Huntington Disease, acquired brain injury, psychosocial management in severe mental illness, and health promotion in the medical workforce.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy has made significant contributions to teaching at all levels, has brought to our Department much needed bedside teaching in psychiatry, especially in settings such as long-term care homes, home visits, modular housing settings, and other areas where teaching could be challenging. He has excelled in rural outreach teaching, where he has students shadow and undertake valuable experience with him when visiting rural communities in Northern BC.

As well, Dr. Krishnamoorthy has risen to become an engaged and highly valued member of the educational leadership in the Department. In 2016, he was appointed as the Director of the Geriatric Psychiatry Subspecialty Program, where he has been responsible for the overall running and evaluation of the program.  Additionally, since 2017 has been the Division Head for Geriatric Psychiatry, providing overall leadership and ensuring that the educational goals and objectives of the Division are met.  Congratulations on this wonderful recognition, Ashok!