NEW PUBLICATION: Dr. Jehannine Austin’s 2nd Paper on Polygenic Risk Scores in Psychiatry Published in JAMA Psychiatry


Following her first paper on Polygenic Risk Scores in psychiatry published in JAMA Psychiatry, Dr. Jehannine Austin has published a second paper titled “Could Polygenic Risk Scores Be Useful in Psychiatry?“, along with Dr. Graham Murray, Dr. Tian Lin, Dr. John J. McGrath, Dr. Ian B. Hickie, and Dr. Naomi Wray.

This narrative review describes current and potential future use of polygenic risk scores in psychiatric clinical practice, with a focus on diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in schizophrenia and depression. The review also explores vital questions with regard to PRS in psychiatry, including its potential use in screening for risk of mental health disorders, and whether psychiatric PRS can help in making a diagnosis or clinical decisions.