MEMORANDUM: Departure of Dr. Andrea Chapman as Postgraduate Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) Subspecialty Program Director



Dear students, residents, staff and faculty,

It is with mixed feelings that we announce that Dr. Andrea Chapman has decided to step down from her role as the Program Director of the Postgraduate Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) Subspecialty Program in the UBC Department of Psychiatry, effective December 31, 2020. Dr. Chapman has done an outstanding job as the CAP Program Director since 2013, and while we will miss her competent leadership in this role, we respectfully support her decision to pursue other career aspirations.

Since her appointment as the inaugural Program Director of the newly established CAP Subspecialty Program at UBC in 2013, Dr. Chapman has played a fundamental role in developing the program to ensure it has continually met and exceeded its objectives per the accreditation standards of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) each year. Among her many responsibilities, she has facilitated regular review and updating of the overall goals of training based on the CanMEDs competencies, overseen the development and implementation of CAP subspecialty training sites not only in the Lower Mainland but also in Victoria and Prince George, liaised with the Royal College and advocated on behalf of the Program and the Department at local and national meetings, and maintained the overall high quality of CAP subspecialty psychiatry education across the province.

In addition to fulfilling these duties admirably, Dr. Chapman has been an outstanding advocate for our CAP subspecialty residents, working tirelessly to enrich their learning opportunities and ensure they are well supported in all aspects of their training. With her genuine warmth and enthusiasm, she has built strong and positive relationships with each resident and her many colleagues who contribute to and support the Program. Her exemplary guidance, supervision and mentorship have not gone unnoticed, as Dr. Chapman has received numerous Department awards over the years, including a total of three awards this year for excellence in undergraduate education, postgraduate education, and translational research.

The strengths and successes of our CAP Subspecialty Program are largely due to Dr. Chapman’s remarkable leadership, dedication and hard work. Hence, on behalf of the entire UBC Department of Psychiatry, we wish to express our deep gratitude to Dr. Chapman for her many contributions serving as the CAP Subspecialty Program Director over these past seven years.  We very much look forward to continuing to work with and support Dr. Chapman within her appointment as a newly promoted Clinical Professor in the Department.

As Dr. Chapman transitions out of this role, the Department will soon be initiating a formal search and selection process to fill this vacancy.



Dr. Lakshmi N. Yatham, Professor and Head, UBC Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Paul Dagg, Associate Head, Postgraduate Education & CPD, UBC Department of Psychiatry