URGENT: Tutors Needed for Undergrad Year 2 Psychiatry Clinical Skills Sessions


**Sent on behalf of Amanda JS Jones, Manager, VFMP Clinical Skills Years 1 & 2 and Manager, Clinical Experiences Years 1 & 2**


Dear faculty,

We are most urgently in need of psychiatrists to teach our Year 2 medical students this term. Provincial Psychiatry tutors will be welcome, as the sessions will be done virtually.

The first two sessions involve interviewing a standardized patient, while the last session involves recruiting a psychiatric out patient to be interviewed by our students.

  • Week 1   SP Daniela (Anxiety)
  • Week 2   SP Ada (Depression)
  • Week 3   Psychiatric patient recruited by psychiatrist. For those of you who need assistance to identify suitable psychiatric patients, our distributed site partners have kindly offered some of their suitable psychiatric patients.

To ensure the safety of all, we are planning to implement these sessions online in Zoom, with a group of 6-7 students, a standardized patient or a psychiatric patient. Each week, two students will interview for 20 minutes each of the 40 minute interview. All sessions times are 3.5hrs in duration.

Morning times: 8AM-11:30AM / 8:30AM-12PM

Afternoon times: 1-4:30 PM


Available dates are as follows:

4 more tutors needed:

  • Tuesday mornings: Nov 10, Nov 17, Nov 24
  • Wednesday afternoons: Nov 4, Nov 18, Nov 25
  • Thursday mornings: Nov 5, Nov 19, Nov 26
  • Friday afternoons: Nov 6, Nov 20, Nov 27
  • Tuesday mornings: Nov 17, Nov 24, Dec 1
  • Thursday mornings: Nov 19, Nov 26, Dec 3
  • Friday afternoons: Nov 27  (only one date available – Dr Kortney Witt is teaching Nov 20 and Dec 4)

Please call or email me to sign up to teach. Many thanks for your kind consideration.




Manager, VFMP Clinical Skills Years 1 & 2
UBC Faculty of Medicine | VFMP Undergraduate Office
2109-2775 Laurel St GLDHCC
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9