A Global Survey To Understand The Impact Of Covid-19 On Mental And Physical Health And Functioning


***Shared on behalf of Dr. Lakshmi Yatham, Professor and Head, UBC Department of Psychiatry***


The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have an unprecedented impact on mental and physical health of the population. To understand its full impact, a large global most comprehensive survey, supported by many national and international scientific associations has been launched in countries around the world.

The objective of the Collaborative Outcome study on Health and Functioning during Infection Times (COH-FIT) is to measure well-being, functioning, mental/physical health, healthcare/access to care, and the emerging role of telemedicine. It is an online anonymous survey (www.coh-fit.com), designed for adults, adolescents, and children from age 6, in the general population.

Over 200 researchers, from all continents, have already collected more than 107,000 responses from over 140 countries around the globe. COH-FIT is collecting data on  people from all socioeconomic, ethnic and racial backgrounds, as the survey is accessible in 31 different languages. COH-FIT has been running since April 2020, and will continue collecting data until the pandemic is declared over by WHO, as well as 6, and 12 months afterward. The generated local and global evidence will provide guidance to welfare and healthcare stakeholders, making possible evidence-based governance in the immediate future.

Please click  www.coh-fit.com to complete the survey. Every response counts.