Undergrad Medical Students – Daily confirmation of a self-assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 now required


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Please see the important update below from the UBC UGME Office.

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Good afternoon everyone,

Update on Self-assessment Requirements

In recent weeks, the BC Provincial Government has introduced a number of Public Health Orders related to reducing COVID-19 transmission.

Faculty, staff and students at UBC Vancouver received a UBC Broadcast on November 10, 2020 with information about the Public Health Orders — as they related to the Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health regions. Faculty, staff and students at UBC Okanagan received a message on November 24, 2020, with further details — once the restrictions became provincewide. UBC has now provided an additional update, which applies to all faculty, staff and students at UBC (regardless of campus location). For more information and FAQs, visit Safety & Risk Services.

Students attending clinics/wards or classes, now need to directly confirm to their preceptor/UBC representative daily that they have completed a self-assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 at the start of their teaching session. This confirmation can be verbal and does not require documentation. Please use the BC self-assessment tool at https://bc.thrive.health/. Anyone experiencing symptoms must follow the guidance provided in the self-assessment tool.

Please distribute the information to your preceptors and DSSLs.

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