Fraudulent Phishing Email – DO NOT OPEN LINKS



Dear Department Members,

We are aware of fraudulent emails (resembling the one shown below) being sent to Department staff and faculty from “Workday <notification[at]>”. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON OR PROVIDE YOUR CREDENTIALS TO ANY OF THE LINKS IN THIS EMAIL.  Such emails are credentials phishing attempts used to gain access to your CWL username and/or passwords.

If you think you may have submitted your UBC CWL or login account credentials to an illegitimate site, please go to myAccount to change your password immediately. As well, forward a copy of the email including full headers to, and advise of the possible breach of your account.




Margaret Koshi
Manager, Communications and Partnerships
Faculty of Medicine | Department of Psychiatry
The University of British Columbia
Phone 604 822 2142 | Fax 604 822 7756