REMINDER: All One45 Users Must Reset Password as of February 23, 2021


On February 23rd, 2021 (between 8-10am PT) One45 users will be prompted to reset their passwords after they log into One45. This will include ALL user types (students, residents, faculty and administrators).

A message will be posted on the One45 login screen until March 9th, 2021 that reads:

IMPORTANT: Starting Feb 23rd, 2021 anyone logging into the system will be required to update their password to meet the new password criteria. Please follow the onscreen instructions. Once a new password is set you will be logged into your eDossier.

The new password requirement states that the password must be between 8 and 64 characters, and use more than 3 unique characters.  If your password already matches the criteria, you can use the same password when prompted to reset.

You can also refer to the password reset instructions in the One45 MedNet FAQs for any future access issues.

Please contact me at should you encounter any difficulties or have any concerns.