Dr. Michael Krausz Invited by WHO to Chair International Advisory Board for E-Mental Health Strategy in Egypt


Dr. Michael Krausz has been invited by the World Health Organization and the Egypt Ministry of Health and Population to chair an international advisory board for the development of a new e-mental health strategy for Egypt. Dr. Krausz will also help oversee a project to develop and implement the strategy to support the establishment of the first e-mental health services in Egypt, an significant undertaking for a country with a population of 100.4 million people and only about 600 trained psychiatrists and 2000 psychologists.

The seeds of this partnership between the WHO, the Egyptian government, and UBC Department of Psychiatry were first sown in 2019 through a research collaboration established between UBC Psychiatry and Tanta University. Tanta’s Dr. Mostafa Kamel, who will now serve as the local project lead in Egypt, had completed part of his PhD training at UBC Psychiatry as a visiting international research student under Dr. Krausz’s supervision.

This collaboration signifies an important milestone for UBC Psychiatry with respect to strengthening our global partnerships, which is among the Department’s key strategic objectives for the next four years.