Chapter Co-authored by Dr. Clara Westwell-Roper and Dr. Evelyn Stewart in a New Book on Childhood Health Inequities




UBC psychiatry resident Dr. Clara Westwell-Roper and Dr. Evelyn Stewart have co-authored a book chapter on “Health Inequities Facing Children Vulnerable to Mental Health Challenge,” now included in the newly published book titled Supporting Children and Their Families Facing Health Inequities in Canada. Their chapter contributes to a broader analysis of disparities among vulnerable populations, where socio-economic and cultural factors compromise health and create barriers. The  book covers a diverse range of factors contributing to health inequality amongst the country’s most vulnerable youth populations, including, mental health challenges, low income and refugee status. 

Stay tuned for a rounds to be presented on this topic by Dr. Westwell-Roper and Dr. Stewart in the near future. Congratulations to them both on this accomplishment!