Appointments of Dr. Kulwant Riar, Dr. Barinder Singh, and Dr. Kenneth Heng to PGE Leadership Roles



Dear students, residents, staff and colleagues,

The recruitment process for the position of Postgraduate Forensic Subspecialty Program Director has recently concluded and we are delighted to announce that Dr. Kulwant Riar has been appointed to this role for a three-year term, from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2024.

As the Forensic Subspecialty Program Director, Dr. Riar will be responsible for the overall conduct and evaluation of the Postgraduate Forensic Subspecialty Program, working in close collaboration with the Division Head to ensure that the Program fulfills the objectives of the subspecialty as per the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), and continues to fully meet the RCPSC standards of accreditation.  His chief duties will include overseeing regular review and updating of the Program’s overall goals of training based on the CanMEDs competencies, ensuring that the Program and its training sites offer a high quality experience in forensic subspecialty education, implementing CBD curriculum, and facilitating further development of training venues across BC to reflect the diversity of the province.

Dr. Riar is a Clinical Professor who has been a member of the UBC Department of Psychiatry’s clinical faculty since 1995.  He brings extensive clinical and administrative leadership experience to this role, having served as the Regional Clinical Director for Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services (YFPS) from 1992 to 2006 prior to moving into his current role as Provincial Clinical Director for YFPS. Dr. Riar has spent over three decades working in the criminal and civil forensic field, and maintains an active practice with the Broadway Forensic Group, Vancouver General Hospital, and the BC Centre for Sexual Medicine.

In addition to the appointment of Dr. Riar, we are excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Barinder Singh to the newly created role of Forensic Subspecialty Associate Program Director for a three-year term, from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2024.

In this role, Dr. Singh will support the new Program Director in carrying out duties to ensure the Subspecialty training program not only meets the Royal College standards and objectives of training, but also aligns with provincial priorities for forensic psychiatry care. Her range of duties and responsibilities will include assisting with program development, review, and quality oversight, as well as research development, curriculum review and coordination, faculty development with respect to CBD, and leading meetings relevant to the operation of the program, as needed.

Dr. Singh has demonstrated a strong interest in postgraduate education since joining the UBC Department of Psychiatry as a Clinical Instructor in 2016. She was most recently appointed as the PGY6 Site Director at Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, and additionally, has served as the Interim Medical Director for the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital since August 2020. Dr. Singh holds a Master’s in Public Health from Harvard and, with her unique research background and qualifications, will prove to be an asset in strengthening the research component of the Forensic Subspecialty Program.

Finally, as the recruitment process for the Associate Program Director – Vancouver position has also concluded, we are very pleased to announce that Dr. Kenneth Heng has been appointed to provide coverage in this role for a one-year term from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

As the Associate Program Director – Vancouver, Dr. Heng will work in close collaboration with the Postgraduate Program Director to ensure the Vancouver Track training program is of the highest quality, provides a rich and diverse clinical/educational experience, and meets the Royal College standards and objectives of training while respecting the collective agreement between PARBC and HEABC. He will also work closely with health authority leadership, as well as liaise with the Oversight Directors, Vancouver Track Site Directors, preceptors, hospital staff, and other educational leaders and stakeholders to facilitate the delivery of the PGE Vancouver Program.

Dr. Heng has been a Clinical Instructor in the Department since 2014, and has also served as the Discipline Specific Site Leader (DSSL) at Richmond Hospital since 2016. As the DSSL, he will continue to be responsible for implementing and overseeing the academic requirements for Postgraduate Psychiatry Education at this residency training site.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Dr. Heng to his new leadership role in the PGE Vancouver Program, as well as Dr. Riar and Dr. Singh to their respective new leadership roles in the Postgraduate Forensic Subspecialty Program. We also wish to thank the outgoing Program Director Dr. Todd Tomita for his dedicated service over the last five years, and for continuing to provide support to Dr. Riar and Dr. Singh as they assume their new positions.



Dr. Lakshmi N. Yatham, Professor and Head, UBC Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Paul Dagg, Associate Head, Postgraduate Education & CPD, UBC Department of Psychiatry