Memo from Psychiatry IT: Screen Lock Enablement


Most of the Department’s computers contain or can access personal information (PI) and some also contain personal health information (PHI).  Many of our computers also contain financial and other sensitive information.  All of this needs to be kept confidential.  When we leave our running computers unattended, whether going for a coffee or finishing work for the day, it is important to secure them.

In February 2016 Psychiatry IT offered automatic computer locking, to the clients that we directly support.  Some work units accepted the offer and since then their computers have locked after 10 minutes of inactivity, but many do not.

UBC computer security standard now requires screen locking be enabled on virtually all desktop, laptop and server computers.  Psychiatry IT will be enabling this, on Friday July 2, on all computers that we support.

If you support your own computer, that is used for UBC business, please setup automatic locking.  Instructions:


Psychiatry IT