Memo from UBC Psychiatry IT: Using Personal Computers & Apple Product Security Vulnerabilities


Security Requirements When Using Personal Computers for UBC Business

UBC policies require that personal computers used for UBC business be secured to UBC standards. Those standards are:

  • If you are working on a public internet connection (e.g. coffee shop), you must make a UBC VPN connection, even if you aren’t trying to connect to your office computer.
  • Your personal computer must
    • have current antivirus software
    • have a screensaver that locks automatically after 30 minutes or less
    • have its hard drive encrypted

You can find details about where to get antivirus software and how to encrypt on (requires a CWL login).


Apple Product Security Vulnerabilities

There have been two major security vulnerabilities to Apple products this month. The risk to Apple computers, iPhones and iPads, used for business, has been rated as “high”. If you have not gone into settings and installed updates, since July 27, please do so now.



UBC Psychiatry IT