Congratulations to Dr. Cameron Anderson, Recipient of the 2021 Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching – Early Career!



Dear Staff, Students, Residents and Colleagues,

We are delighted to share that Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Cameron Anderson has received the 2021 Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching – Early Career, in recognition of his significant and outstanding contributions to both undergraduate and postgraduate education in Psychiatry.

An attending psychiatrist and Medical Manager in the General Psychiatry Inpatient Unit at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), Dr. Anderson joined the clinical faculty of the UBC Department of Psychiatry in 2012.  As of October 2020, he has served as the Postgraduate Site Director at VGH, playing a significant leadership and educational role in supporting residents’ training and helping to ensure that postgraduate psychiatry education at this site has continued to meet its objectives each year.  Prior to his clinical faculty appointment, Dr. Anderson was Chief Resident at VGH, where he was extensively involved in developing a Resident Teaching Series to prepare junior residents for teaching medical students, which continues to this day and which contributed to his receiving the UBC Psychiatry Resident Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2010.

Dr. Anderson continues to be very active in teaching at all levels, regularly lecturing and providing clinical supervision to psychiatry residents and medical students, as well as developing and delivering a weekly didactic seminar series for medical students in the UGE Year 3 core clerkship rotation in Psychiatry. His learners describe him to be the ideal supervisor, as he is very knowledgeable, engaging, caring and humorous, and dedicated to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for his students. They say:

“Cam was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. His passion for psychiatry is contagious. His teaching style is incredible – he manages to be simultaneously engaging, informative, relevant, and hilarious! I wish we had more sessions with him.”

“Quite simply the best lectures I’ve ever had were the three 1-hour sessions I had with Dr. Anderson. They were so engaging, informative, a complete joy to experience. I learned so much about psychiatry and about LIFE in general. Thank you so much Dr. Anderson.”

“A wonderful supervisor and physician. He role-modeled excellent patient care consistently. His incorporation of humor in the relationship with his patients truly augmented the therapeutic relationships he formed. He took the time to listen to family members about his patients and work with the home community to help support his patients. He should be nominated for a physician excellence award and/or a supervisor award!”

Fittingly, his demonstrated excellence in teaching was recognized previously in both 2014 and 2017, when he won the UBC Psychiatry Residents Association Award for Teaching Excellence, and again in 2018 and 2021, when he won UBC Psychiatry Award for Undergraduate Teaching.

We wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Dr. Anderson for all his hard work, his outstanding teaching and positive impact on our learners, and the many other significant contributions he has made to our undergraduate and postgraduate education programs. Please join us in warmly congratulating Dr. Anderson on this very well deserved recognition!



Dr. Lakshmi N. Yatham, Professor and Head, UBC Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Raymond Lam, Professor and Associate Head, Graduate and UG Education, UBC Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Paul Dagg, Clinical Professor and Associate Head, PGE and CPD, UBC Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Kathryn Fung, Undergraduate Program Director, UBC Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Irfan Khanbhai, Interim Postgraduate Program Director, UBC Department of Psychiatry