Administration Office










Director, Administration: Vicky Yau,, 604-822-7313

  • Oversees all administrative operations, Department HR activities, business operations and operational planning
  • Manages strategic initiatives
  • Budgets, financial commitments
  • Administrative representation for Department (internal and external units)
  • Department resource, facility and space management
  • Faculty recruitment planning and process oversight
  • Faculty merit and PSA
  • Faculty leaves
  • Faculty recruitment, advertising, and work permits
  • Royal College Academic Certification
  • Research Grant / Salary application review for the Head’s signature

Assistant HR Manager, Faculty Appointments: Margaret Koshi,, 604-822-2142

  • Full-time Faculty appointments, reappointments, promotions and tenure
  • Clinical Faculty appointments, reappointments, and promotions
  • Clinical Faculty work permits
  • Other Faculty appointments requiring committee review
  • Faculty inquiries and orientation (setting up CWL, email, etc) for faculty appointments

Assistant HR Manager: Amity Chiang,, 604-822-7315

  • Staff, students appointments and reappointments
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Associates, Clinical Fellow appointments and reappointments
  • Staff recruitment, job descriptions, and position classifications
  • Staff performance management
  • Staff merit
  • Staff leave management
  • Health and Safety

HR Assistant: Bree Wilson,, 604-822-7610

  • Staff and student appointments inquiries and orientation (CWL, emails, etc.)
  • Hourly payroll
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Associates and Clinical Fellow appointments inquiries and orientation (CWL, email, etc)
  • Immigration offer letters for Postdoctoral Fellows and Clinical Fellows
  • Honorary faculty and visitor appointments
  • Volunteers
  • Criminal record checks

Finance & Admin Assistant:  Danielle Hull,, 604-822-7314

  • Financial processing
  • Reception
  • Room bookings
  • Key requests
  • Supplies and vendor contact
  • Facilities and health and safety assistance
  • Voice administrator (telephones)

Interim Finance Manager: Fei Peng,, 604-822-7734

  • Financial policies and procedures (UBC, Faculty of Medicine & Department)
  • Financial problem resolution and support
  • Project grant set up (Research grants and Non-Research grants)
  • FMS access & signing authority
  • Purchasing
  • General finance questions or concerns
  • General finance support (review of funding for hires, reconciliation processes, etc)
  • Purchase card coordinator
  • Financial processing oversight

Assistant to the Department Head and IMH Director: Vacant

Please email for assistance with:

  • Requests, inquiries and updates regarding meetings with the Department Head and IMH Director
  • Requests related to weekly Communications Bulletin items
  • Head’s Boardroom booking requests
  • Department special events inquiries
  • Inquiries regarding monthly Departmental meetings