The Addiction Psychiatry Program was founded in 2006 with the mandate to provide academic leadership and scholarship in the area of addictions. The goal of the program is to support multidisciplinary training in all aspects of substance abuse and concurrent disorders. This specialty area has recently been identified by the Royal College of Physicians as a training priority, and it has been recognized that improvements are required across Canada. The UBC Department of Psychiatry has set its sights to lead the county in the area of addictions and concurrent disorders, and we are well on our way. To achieve this goal, the priorities of the program are:

  1. to lead the development of much needed exemplary clinical services for individuals with problematic substance use and concurrent disorders.
  2. to provide high quality multidisciplinary education and training at undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and continuing education levels.
  3. to promote and support integrated research and scholarly work in the areas of addiction and concurrent disorders.
  4. to lead the development and implementation of evidence-based policy and practice in the area of addiction and concurrent disorders.

Program Members

Our researchers are currently hosting a study on impulsivity, attention, and anxiety!

STUDY TITLE: Investigating the temporal changes in measures of impulsivity, attention, and anxiety


This study investigates impulsivity, attention, and anxiety in adults. In this study, the participant will be asked to engage in a number of questionnaires and four computerized tasks. The participant is required to participate in two separate 90 minute session (3 month follow-up) and will receive $15 in exchange for each session.


You're healthy, between the ages of 20 - 54 years old, proficient with the English language, and available three months after the first scheduled session in order to participate in the second follow-up session.


If you fit the eligibility criteria and you are interested, you can contact the research assistant at 604.827.3796 or e-mail at Once contacted, the team will affirm your eligibility with the following questions; it would be helpful if you could include this information in your e-mail in order to streamline the selection process:

1) Do you currently have a diagnosis of any current major psychological or physical disorders?
2) How old are you?
3) Are you proficient with the English language?
4) Will you be able to attend a follow-up session in Vancouver 3 months from now?

This study is being brought to you by the Translational Neuroscience in Addiction and Mental Health Research Lab at the University of British Columbia (Point Grey Campus).

Principal Investigator: Christian Schütz


Download our Child Maltreatment Podcast!!!

Our very own Dr. Iris Torchalla and Dr. Verena Strehlau recently had the opportunity to participate in a podcast with Mrs. Natalie Katz, editorial assistant at Sage Publications. Both researchers speak about their recently published research article in the journal Child Maltreatment, which is the official journal of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children.

The article is entitled The association between childhood maltreatment subtypes and current suicide risk among homeless men and women. The 15 minute podcast can be downloaded here.


Please feel free to check out Salome & Naomi as well!

Our E-Mental Health 2012 Conference was recently held on Dec 10 - 11, 2012 at the Child & Family Research Centre. For relevant links and access to PDF versions of the speakers' presentations, please follow this link.