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Over 700 Clinical Faculty members provide valuable teaching and administrative service to the Department of Psychiatry’s education programs and related activities across all regions of the province. The Department is committed to strengthening alliances with our clinical faculty, community, and Health Authority partners, and fostering the engagement of our clinical faculty as we focus on broadening our educational programs and forging partnerships across BC and Canada.

If you are a practicing psychiatrist or a registered healthcare professional who is interested in applying for a clinical faculty appointment in order to contribute to the Department of Psychiatry’s education program, please visit the APPLYING FOR A NEW CLINICAL FACULTY APPOINTMENT section below for information and instructions.




Accreditation standards require all clinicians and healthcare practitioners to hold a UBC clinical faculty appointment in order to teach and assess UBC students and residents. Please review these eligibility guidelines prior to submitting your application.

New applicants and recent graduates are usually appointed as a Clinical Instructor. Please ensure your application package includes the following:

1. A completed and signed Application Form (PDF).

2. A completed and signed Payment Instructions Form and Electronic Fund Transfer Form.

3. A letter of intent indicating how you plan to participate in the Department's education program, and identifying your area of specialization or expertise. ***For applicants referred by a Health Authority, a letter of support from the UBC Regional Associate Dean is acceptable instead.

4. A Support From (PDF) completed by Medical Director, Hospital Head, or UBC Program Director in your specialty.

Please send your application package to Bree Wilson, Assistant HR Manager. Clinical Instructor applications are accepted year round, with a processing period of approximately 1-2 weeks. Initial appointments are usually for a three-year term, with the possibility of reappointment.



If you are applying from a distributed site (VIHA, Northern Health Authority, Interior Health Authority), please contact the respective administrative personnel below to assist you with your application package:



If you are have held a previous faculty appointment at UBC or elsewhere and/or have considerable clinical teaching experience, you may apply for an appointment a the rank of Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor or Clinical Professor.

Higher-rank appointment require the submission of evidence of teaching excellence for formal review by the departmental Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee (CFAPC).  If you are interested in applying for a higher-rank appointment, please contact to Bree Wilson, Assistant HR Manager, for further information and instructions.



At this time, only individuals who hold an open work permit, a work permit that includes a UBC appointment, or have permanent resident status are eligible to hold a UBC clinical faculty appointment. Those who hold a work permit naming solely the Health Authority as their employer are not eligible to teach for or be compensated by UBC.



New applicants are encouraged to review the following resources:



A condition of continued appointment for Clinical Faculty members is the submission of the Annual Report of activities related to their UBC appointment every year.  The report covers the preceding academic year from July 1 to June 30. These reports are required to maintain your appointment in good standing and factor heavily into decisions about reappointment and promotion.

The Online Annual Report form for July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 is now available. Please complete and submit this form by November 30, 2021.

    • While there is no minimum for contribution hours per year for Clinical Instructors, those with "0" hours for the preceding academic year should email Bree Wilson with their request and rationale to keep their appointment active.
    • The requirement is 50 hours of service over a two-year span for higher-ranking clinical faculty.
    • If you do not submit an Annual Report (or notify Bree Wilson) for two consecutive years, it will be assumed you are no longer active in UBC-related activities and your appointment will be deactivated.



As clinical faculty appointments are for finite terms, reappointment is dependent on the information presented annually in the Annual Report. If you have submitted your Annual Report each year, your term will be renewed automatically for a further 10 years.

If you are were appointed at a higher rank initially, your reappointment will undergo a formal review process. Bree Wilson, Assistant HR Manager, will contact you regarding submission of a Teaching Dossier (see required components) and UBC formatted CV.



Undergraduate Education

Please visit the MD Undergraduate Program Teaching Opportunities web page for the most up-to-date information on teaching opportunities within the MD Undergraduate Program. For specific inquiries pertaining to Psychiatry, please contact Psychiatry UGE Program Director Dr. Kathryn Fung at

Postgraduate Education

Opportunities include:

  • Providing elective/selective experiences in your area
  • Being an examiner for OSCEs or STACERS
  • Developing OSCEs (3.5 hour credit for each OSCE accepted by the program)

For other opportunities, please contact Acting Psychiatry Specialty PGE Program Director, Dr. Irfan Khanbhai at




Clinical faculty members who have three or more years of active service at their current rank, and/or meet the criteria for the next rank of Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor or Clinical Professor are encouraged to apply for a promotion.

Beginning in Fall 2022, two review cycles will occur over the course of the year (Fall and Spring), and to reflect this, the application package submission deadlines will now be on September 15 and March 15 of each year (formerly once a year on October 1). All promotion application packages require review by Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee (CFAPC).

If you submit by September 15, your review will occur in the Fall cycle, and if you submit after September 15 but prior to March 15 the following year, your review will occur in the Spring cycle. The schedule for 2022-2023 is detailed below:


Fall 2022 Schedule

Clinical Faculty submission deadline

Thursday September 15th, 2022

CFAPC Review

October 2022

FoM & UBC Provost Approvals

November / December 2022


Spring 2023 Schedule

Clinical Faculty submission deadline

Wednesday March 15th, 2023

CFAPC Review

April 2023

FoM & UBC Provost Approvals

May / June 2023


A request for promotion is initiated by the clinical faculty member, who should notify Bree Wilson, Assistant HR Manager, of their intent prior to the Spring or Fall application deadline.  All candidates must prepare an application package that includes the following:

    1. Your signed letter of request explaining the rationale for the request and how you meet the relevant criteria for the rank sought (see links above).
    2. Typed current UBC Formatted CV.
    3. Evidence of teaching excellence in the form of a Teaching Dossier (see required components).
    4. Clinical Faculty Annual Reports for the current year and the previous year.
    5. A Support Form for the rank sought (Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, Clinical Professor, completed by your Division or Program Head and/or Hospital Head, whomever is most familiar with your work.

Your promotion package should be submitted to Bree Wilson by the Spring or Fall deadline. Promotion case files are reviewed in in the Fall or Spring cycle by the Clinical Faculty Appointment & Promotion Committee (CFAPC), and if successful, are effective the following the July 1.



The Department’s Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee (CFAPC) fulfills its mandate to review objectively and without bias all requests for initial higher-rank appointment, reappointment and promotion for clinical faculty in the Department of Psychiatry. The Committee follows the criteria and guidelines set out in the UBC Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Medicine Policy on Clinical faculty Appointments.

The committee includes members elected by and from the clinical faculty at the ranks of Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, and Clinical Professor, for a total of 8 voting members. The committee is currently chaired by Dr. Lakshmi Yatham, the Department Head and co-chaired by Dr. Joseph Tham, Clinical Faculty Affairs Representative for Psychiatry.

Committee members are elected for a three-year term with the possibility of sitting for additional terms if re-elected. Elections may be held in the Spring if renewal of committee membership is due. The Committee is advisory to the Head of the Department.



Chair: Dr. Lakshmi Yatham
Vice Chair & Clinical Faculty Representative: Dr. Joseph Tham

Elected Voting Members:

Dr. Stephen Anderson, Clinical Professor

Dr. Caroline Gosselin, Clinical Professor

Dr. Jake Locke, Clinical Professor

Dr. Hiram Mok, Clinical Professor

Dr. Andrew Howard, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Todd Tomita, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Stephen Wiseman, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Leona Adams, Clinical Assistant Professor