Promotion Requirements


The criteria for promotion are outlined in the Faculty of Medicine’s Policy on Clinical Faculty Appointments. The criteria have been developed by clinical faculty with a view to increase the requirements for promotion as you move through the academic ranks, with an emphasis on teaching.

A request for promotion is initiated by the Clinical Faculty member and the application for promotion must include the following:

  1. Signed letter from the applicant explaining the rationale for the request and how you meet the relevant criteria for the rank sought (see link above).
  2. Typed up-to-date CV in UBC Formatted Abbreviated for Clinical Faculty Members
  3. A teaching dossier showing evidence of teaching excellence. Please see attached Teaching Dossier guidelines from the Faculty of Medicine. Please see the index of documents required for the teaching dossier.
  4. Ensure you have submitted your Clinical Faculty Annual report for the current year (2020-2021) and the previous year (2029-2020).
  5. Application for promotion form completed by your Division Head and/or Hospital Head, whomever is most familiar with your work. Please use the appropriate form for the rank you are requesting – they are provided here:

Promotion case files are requested in electronic format (preferred) or hard copy and should be submitted to: Bree Wilson, Assistant HR Manager.


The annual deadline for application for promotion is October 1. Applications are reviewed by the Clinical Faculty Appointments Committee in a series of meetings in the Fall, and if approved are submitted to the Faculty of Medicine in the Spring and then the Provost for approval. All approved promotion applications become effective nine months later on July 1.

If you are unable to retrieve the forms you need, or have questions about the process, please contact Bree Wilson at 604-822-7315 or