Teaching, Annual Report and Reappointment

Annual Report

A condition of continued appointment for Clinical Faculty members is the submission of an annual report of activities related to your UBC appointment.The requirement for those at the level of Clinical Assistant Professor or above is 50 hours of service over a 2 year span. There is now no minimum amount of hours for Clinical Instructors. The report covers the preceding academic year from July 1 to June 30 and is due annually by October 1.

2018-2019 Clinical Faculty Annual Activity Report

2018-2019 Clinical Faculty Annual Activity Report – Supplement

These reports are required to maintain your appointment in good standing and factor heavily into decisons about reappointment and promotion.

Please complete the form in one of the formats above and submit it to the Department’s administration office by email to Margaret Koshi  Assistant HR Manager, Faculty Appointments, Department of Psychiatry, Administration Office, 2C1-2255 Wesbrook Mall.

Note: The names of residents you have taught or supervised are requested. It is adviseable to maintain records of your students, and they may be available to you from the One45 Teaching and Evaluation Database, to which you are provided access when students submit evaluations for your teaching after a rotation. Otherwise, please contact the teaching site where you taught for specific details of the student rotation assignments at that site.

Teaching Opportunities

Undergraduate Education

Opportunities are listed in this document:
Undergraduate-Psychiatry-Teaching-Opportunities-March 2013
Postgraduate Education
Opportunities include:

  • Providing elective/selective experiences in your area
  • Being an examiner for OSCEs or STACERS
  • Developing OSCEs (3.5 hour credit for each OSCE accepted by the program)

For other opportunities, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Ladan Sadrehashemi ladan.sadrehashemi@ubc.ca 


Clinical Faculty appointments are for finite terms. Reappointment for a further term is dependent on the information presented in succeeding Annual Report Forms. To maintain a clinical faculty appointment, individuals above the rank of Clinical Instructor must provide 50 hours of UBC related teaching, administration, research or committee work over a two year cycle. This commitment can involve didactic teaching, bedside clinical teaching, administrative committee work or research. Those individuals not working at a teaching site with medical students or residents can accumulate 25 hours per year by participating in PBL, Clinical Skills teaching, OSCE or MCC examinations.

New in 2013  –  Teaching Dossier Required for Reappointment under the following condition:

If your initial faculty appointment at UBC was at the rank of Clinical Assistant Professor or higher, the Department now requires that you provide a formal Teaching Dossier along with your current CV and annual reports in order to be reappointed at your current rank. This is to ensure that your teaching has been assessed to the same degree as individuals who progress to that rank through the promotion process. It therefore ensures a consistency of review for all faculty members at these ranks, whether they attain the rank through initial appointment or through promotion.

The Faculty of Medicine’s Guidelines for a formal Teaching Dossier are found here.


Submit via:
Email: (preferred) to Margaret Koshi
If sent from your email address, a signed document is not necessary.
Fax: 604-822-7756
Mail: Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee
Department of Psychiatry, Administration Office
2C1-2255 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 2A1

If you are unable to retrieve the form please phone Margaret at 604-822-2142 to request one by mail or fax.