Personnel and Business Operations Manager: Vicky Yau 604-822-7315 email:

  • Staff recruitment, job descriptions, and position classifications
  • Faculty recruitment , advertising , and work permits
  • Performance management
  • Staff merit
  • Faculty merit
  • Faculty leaves
  • Royal College Academic Certification

Assistant HR Manager, Faculty Appointments : Margaret Koshi  604-822-2142 email:

  • Full-time Faculty appointments,  reappointment’s, promotions and tenure
  • Clinical Faculty appointments,  reappointment’s,  and promotions
  • Clinical Faculty work permits
  • Other Faculty appointments requiring committee review
  • Enquiries and orientation (CWL,email, etc) for faculty appointments

HR Assistant: Amity Chiang 604-822-7610 email:

  • Staff and student appointments, enquiries and orientation (CWL, emails, etc.)
  • Staff leave management
  • Hourly  payroll
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Associates and Postgraduate Fellow appointments, enquiries and orientation (CWL, email, etc)
  • Immigration offer letters for Postdoctoral Felllows and Clinical Fellows
  • Honorary and visitor appointments
  • Volunteers
  • Criminal record checks