Accessing UBC FASmail

Detailed instructions for accessing your e-mail from webmail (, Outlook and smart phones can be found at  The best browser for is Microsoft Edge .

  • Psychiatry IT recommends and can help you setup your generic account in Outlook, before setting up your individual account;
    • if you plan to use the Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Word to send email.
    • to keep copies of sent mail, with the Generic account.


This is the simplest method and is available from anywhere.

  • Sent e-mail will show up in the Generic account, rather than in your individual User account.
  • Replies to your e-mail will go to the Generic account.

In your computer browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome) enter, as the URL (substituting the Generic account address), then logon with your CWL account.  Students may need to suffix your CWL account with ".stu".  This will also work on iPhones (Safari), but may not work in Android browsers.  Two different methods of connecting are described in this document.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

  • If the generic account Display Name (e.g. UBC-PSYT My Generic) shows, in Outlook, your generic account has been Automapped.  Email sent from it will be saved to the sent folder of your individual e-mail account.  To avoid this, you will need to create a new Outlook profile.  Please contact Psychiatry IT for assistance or a copy of our how-to video.
  • If the generic account shows as an alias (e.g., you do not need to do anything further.  Mail sent from the generic account will show in the generic account's sent folder.
  • If you plan to use the Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word, you may prefer to create a completely separate Outlook profile (please contact Psychiatry IT for instructions) for the Generic mailbox. When you open Outlook, you will be prompted to select a profile to use.

If you are suddenly unable to login to your FASmail account, in Microsoft Outlook, please check that your username is showing as “EAD\your cwl username

outlook logon 1

If it is showing your alias, or something else, choose Use another account

outlook logon 2

Enter EAD\Your CWL Username, then your CWL Password to start Outlook.

outlook logon 3

We have seen this affect both Outlook 2010 and 2013.  If you continue to have difficulty, please contact Psychiatry IT or UBC IT Service Centre.